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Theatre #1 - Initial Contact & Travel

It would be more appropriate to call this page ‘The Right to Travel’ being a more broad subject matter. But being more practical, how you handle ‘Initial Contact’ with any authorities whether they are real or presumed is a critical issue and broadly relevant as well. ‘Traffic’ is a commercial term and representative of how we give up our natural rights in exchange for privileges, so let’s dig into it.

This page will be updated from time to time, so please check for announcements in the forum for any updates or new information.

Initial Contact #1: 
23 minute audio presentation from Mark with some helpful tips on: How to best manage a traffic stop including some of his own experiences.  Click Here

Initial Contact #2: 
17 minute audio presentation from Mark on: Searches, Warrants, Consent & How to get killed with any initial contact. Protect yourself.  Click Here

Certificate of Title and Registration #1:   Click Here
42 minute Audio file from Mark covering;

• How, even with the certificate of title, you don’t own your automobile.
• How natural rights are converted to regulated privileges using the ‘Motor Vehicle Code’
• Specifically how we get subdued into being a subject of the legislative code through ‘residence’ and ‘business’.
• How Mark nullified his certificate of title and then operated a private automobile which was not registered to the state and how he prevailed when challenged.
• Alternatives to ‘State’ registration which allow you to maintain full ownership of your private property and keep it ‘exempt’ from fines, fees, penalties and compelled performance requirements.

Certificate of Title and Registration #2:  For detailed treatment on this subject, see the video workshop THE PRIVATE TRAVELLER found in the main menu under ‘Member Discounts’. 

Here is a 2006 letter from Pennsylvania state representative Samuel Rohrer to Judge Phyllis Streitel, on behalf of a constituent, stating clearly that a free citizen ‘individual’ who wishes to exercise his right to travel on the public highways cannot be compelled to have a license to exercise a free right. Download this pdf  Click Here

No Law requires you to record or pledge your private automobile.  Click Here for detailed research paper in pdf.

Stanford Law Review treatise on ‘Non-Arrest Automobile Stops are Unconstitutional Seizures of the Person’. Once you are pulled over, you are ‘seized’ which is a violation of your right to liberty and the police officer is walking a very thin line to stay within the law. Read this and understand your rights, and his obligations.  Click Here to download.


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