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Theatre #2 - I.R.S.

There is no telling how many volumes have been written about the I.R.S. We all know, or should know, the fraud and deception which the I.R.S. uses to enforce ‘voluntary compliance’. There are many correct or ‘close’ arguments which have led people directly to jail. The old saying is true: “It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!”

One high profile example is Irwin Schiff. Irwin was a prolific writer having published several books on his research in the I.R.S. which are still available and are excellent ‘reads’. He was a very public teacher who was right on with most of his research and arguments. Yet, Irwin was indicted, railroaded in court and sent to prison which, at his age, amounts to a life sentence.

His pleadings are exceptional, yet we know the result. We offer you his files here for your education and understanding. They are good information and research. Click the links below:


So please be aware of the difference between so called ‘Patriot’ arguments involving ‘sovereign’ or ‘non-resident alien’ status or similar losing arguments and other proven successful approaches. In other words, do your homework before putting yourself at risk! Being ‘right’ doesn’t mean you necessarily win.

To understand the primary reason so many legally correct arguments are ‘losers’ you must read Howard Freeman’s document ‘The U.C.C. Connection’ found on the Commercial Law page, here in the Members section. Read that if you haven’t already. It is very important.

Now, let’s look at some ‘winning cases’ and those arguments and approaches and see what actually works based on first hand actual experience. The only satisfying winning strategy is one which sends the I.R.S. and/or any Grand Jury packing to close up shop on any case being considered against you BEFORE you suffer the stress or expense of going to court.

#1… If you haven’t already done so, you should read the book written by the law club founder: HOW I BEAT SATAN…and the I.R.S. In this short, easy to read book he outlines a completely different approach in each of 12 different chapters of the book. Each strategy he has used personally and each one is designed to keep you out of court. Here is a preview… Click Here

He has personally implemented each of these different approaches referenced in the book which is an unnecessary bit of ‘overkill’, but he has fun with this stuff! Since he implemented these strategies, he has never been contacted by the IRS and has never been invited to court. His own personal documents which he used are offered for examination to ‘Premium Members’.

Now, Let’s examine a winning court case to see how it turned out and why:

#2… Lloyd Long beats ‘Willful Failure to File’ with attorney Larry Becraft. Click Here

#3… Once you get into court as a defendant in an I.R.S. issue, your chances of winning are usually quite small. The cards are stacked against you for reasons we have hammered on elsewhere in the Law Club site. The best way to beat a case is to ‘quash’ the investigation before an indictment ever occurs.

Larry Becraft (mentioned above) is an attorney from Alabama who has won various cases against the I.R.S. David Myrland is a citizen researcher who has specialized, among other things, in quashing Grand Jury indictments to ‘prevent’ people from going to court and stopping all I.R.S. investigations against these people, period. Listen to Larry Becraft talk with David Myrland here about some critically important information.

#4… Understand the tax code section 83 and pay no taxes on your compensation for labor. The law provides for your freedom but hardly anybody will tell you about it! 26 USC section 83 is very clear. Your compensation for labor/services/employment is NOT includable in ‘Gross Income’ ! It’s the law and the courts have ruled on this so it is well established!

§ 83(a) demonstrates that the value of one’s labor is excluded from “Gross Income” and therefore the value of one’s labor is not and cannot be subject to any federal income tax if properly deducted from gross revenue pursuant to 26 USC § 83(a) and the regulations thereunder.

We have the full legal brief for your review which you can download. Click Here

Full details are explained in this book:

#5… Pay the I.R.S. with your signature! This requires some advanced understanding of the U.C.C. and how to implement it with the ‘Accepted for Value’ strategy. We deal with this in more detail in another section here in the Members area and also in the forum.



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