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The Private Traveler - Acquiring the PT Status

Remove yourself from commerce and start living on the private side.  This webinar reviews personal first hand experience in doing so and for those interested in this topic, this is not to be missed! 

The Previous Taxpayer

Most people are not aware that the income tax laws do not apply to them!  Fact!  This webinar shows you how to get the law on your side and start dealing with reality rather than living in the world of ‘volunteerism’.  Think about it.  

Private Member Associations - Total Exemption for your Business

Many business owners are tired of having the jackboot of the overlords on their neck. Use the existing law and be Free! There is a long history and count precedents wherein the law provides the path for your business to be 100% immune and exempt from codes, licences, ordinances, statutes, all forms of mandates, legislation, jurisdiction and prosecution. 

Private Asset Management

This trailer leads to a series of 8 separate videos delving to the world of financial privacy, asset protection, private trusts and related topics.  This is for serious privacy seekers.  

Lawful Government as Taught by The Montana Freemen

This is a series of videos taken in the classes taught by LeRoy Schweitzer and the ‘so called’ Montana Freemen.  This group was so ‘on point’ uncovering government fraud and hidden secrets that they had to be attacked by the powers that be.  These teachings are timeless, much of it is not being taught anywhere and this represents a slice of history every American Patriot needs to be aware of.  Enjoy and learn! 

The Stealthy Capitalist - Privacy and the Freedom to Prosper

Introduction to the webinar main presentation.  Free on YouTube

The Stealthy Capitalist - Privacy and the Freedom to Prosper

Main Presentation

Viewers comment:  What a gift. I just finished One Freeman’s War and meant to search for lighthouse law club, being unaware of the name change (sorry). I saw the channel in my subscriptions and didn’t recognize it. Thank you Mark (and Rex) for what you’ve gone through, and for the information you’ve brought to us.

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