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You’re a Slave – Here’s Proof!

It’s been said that the most productive slave is the one who doesn’t know that he’s in bondage!  This article is to point out that YOU are one of those! Like it or not.

Here’s an excerpt from my new book coming out in early 2019 which will be titled HOW TO LIVE FREE AS A ‘PT’ which will also be the subject of my presentation at the ANARCHAPULCO TDV Investment Summit in February: 



“Who is really free?

Let’s start with this very important question and the answer is not as simple as you may think. A reader of mine from the USA asked me once, “Why did you leave the states to live in Latin America?”  I replied, ‘Because I want to live free.”  He was taken aback by the immediate and simple reply and didn’t know how to respond to that.  Eventually, he asked, “well aren’t we free in America?”  With a question like that, I didn’t even know where to begin or even ‘if’ I should begin.  It would probably prove pointless.

However, for the benefit of all who are new to this concept and could use a little help, let’s discuss that for just a minute and not a second more. Let me illustrate the situation with a little story.

So the slave master tells his slaves: “I’m going to pay you $100 a month if you work hard, don’t get uppity and live a clean life and do as I say.” 
You can’t get married unless I say so.  You can’t leave the plantation unless I say so.  You can’t do anything else,
unless I say so and I won’t say so unless you give $1 to the family fund.. 

So the first month passes and it’s time to pay his slaves.  He gives each one $60.  They look at each other confused. 
One gets up the nerve to ask, “But massa, you said you’d pay us $100.  This is only $60.”  
Master says, I DID pay you $100, but had to deduct $40 to pay for your security around this place. I had to pay for your doctor’s visits. 
I know you didn’t see the doctor but I have to pay him anyway just so he’s ready for you when you need him. 
I need to pay for keeping the roads and machinery up around here to you can work and have a job and all kinds of other stuff!”

So, pressed into financial hardship the slaves had to get creative and they did a little moonlighting at night to earn something extra. 
They’d get paid for the moonlighting job and they put it in a jar which they hid in their cabins on the plantation. 
One day the Master’s foreman was inspecting the grounds and he found the jar.  He informed the Master who decided to keep it. 

The slaves found out and asked, “but Massa, we worked for that money.  That’s ours!” 
The Master came back, “everything on this plantation is mine and since you didn’t report it to me or get
my permission to do extra work, I’m keeping it.  You should know better.”

Now, without elaborating further, please tell me how you and your relationship to your boss and government and their collection agencies are any different than what these slaves are dealing with?  Is there one iota of difference?  Sadly no.  Do you still feel free?

You don’t own your home or your land.  You only have ‘Real Estate’ which by definition is the conditional right to use the land, it’s not ownership.  If you really owned it, why would you be paying annual ‘rent’ to the plantation owner to stay there? What happens when you refuse to pay the rent (real estate taxes) ?  Where is your ‘title’ to ‘Land’?  You don’t have it.  You only have a deed to ‘Real Estate’ NOT Land!

You don’t own your car.  You only have a ‘certificate of title’ which is proof of ‘title insurance’ and this is not ownership.  If you really own your car, how can the plantation owner take it away from you if you violate too many of his rules?  Where is the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin?  Who has that?  This is the real ‘Title’

And get this.  You don’t even own your children.  If you did, how could Child Protective Services just show up at your door and take your kids on a whim, without cause whenever they like?   It happens every day.  I’ll tell you why later.

If you’re lucky enough to be permitted to keep your children, your little girls and boys surely will not be allowed to set up a lemonade stand in the front yard without paying the Master $45 or more for his permission (commercial vendors permit)!  And if they did, they’d surely need to report earnings and pay the Master his ‘fair share’ of the earnings.  Lemonade stands across the country are being shut down to squelch any spirit of entrepreneurialism our youngsters might have at an early age.

Do these examples seem extremely ridiculous to you?  Well, on one hand, it is extremely ridiculous that people don’t understand how the world works around them, but these are the cold hard facts and you’ll learn more as we go along so have some patience and open your mind.

So no, I’m sorry to inform you that you are not free.”


Here’s a short video of Aaron Russo’s visit to the IRS to corroborate the point and drive it home.   Click Here

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From this point on, you have no excuse to continue being a SLAVE unless that is your choice! 

The Choice is Yours! 

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