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How to Win Before Going to Court

Got a Court Date Coming Up?

If you want to win in court, the very first thing you must do is to ‘Fire your Attorney’! 

Please understand that when you have an ‘attorn’ey you are ‘attorned’ (look it up) and are deemed incompetent before the court.

You likely understand (or should) that the BAR association is an agency working directly for the ‘Crown’, a foreign power which has no interests in your rights, property or freedom. In fact they want the opposite.  They want to deny you of your rights, freedom and property.  It’s just business!

I recently had someone come to me looking for help.  He was facing felony charges in federal court for not filing papers correctly.   I pointed him in the direction he needed to go and he agreed that this was the best solution.

However, feeling timid and overwhelmed about the whole thing, at the last minute he decided to keep his attorney to represent him. 

Here’s what the attorney did to ‘help’ him: 

Failed to do any form of discovery before the trial

Failed to file any pre-trial motions

Even though the client requested it, he failed to meet to discuss and disclose what the defense strategy would be (i.e. none)

Failed to properly vet the jury

Failed to challenge anything from the prosecution

Failed to preserve the record for any errors in process which could be used on appeal 

Failed to object to anything the prosecution presented.

Failed to properly establish ‘lack of intent’ which would have won the case for the client. 

Here’s what the attorney ‘Did’ Do: 

– Perform business as usual in dancing with the prosecutor for the big show. 

– Delivered his client up as a sacrificial lamb on the altar of none other than Satan himself. 

– Got paid 

– Got a notch in his belt to advance his career as a successful ‘business agent’ for the machine. 

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a good value for my money.

The only way to have a chance in court is to do things yourself.  You can do things for yourself that NO attorney would ever do for you!   And the good news is, that it’s not that difficult if you do a little study in advance.

Please understand that there is no evidence you cannot get in before trial.

  1. There are no witnesses you cannot question under oath before trial.
  2. There are no documents or things you cannot get in before trial.
  3. There are no legal arguments you cannot make before trial.
  4. There is nothing going to happen at trial that cannot be made to happen before trial.

The “trying” of your case with the first pleading and continues with discovery and motions before trial.

Common reasons cases go to trial are:

  1. Lazy lawyer who didn’t do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  2. Stupid lawyer who didn’t know how to do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  3. Greedy lawyer who didn’t want to do the pre-trial work he could have done.
  4. No lawyer and no idea how to do the pre-trial work that could have been done.

Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step


Don’t wait for trial to win!

A few reasons why are:

  1. Trial is uncertain, especially with unpredictable juries and corrupt judges.
  2. Trial is “think on your feet” with opponent trying to throw you off with objections.
  3. Trial is a nasty battle against lawyers’ willing to cheat if they can.
  4. Trial is a last bite at the apple, with no take backs and no retreats.


Win before trial!


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