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Photo Contest – I Need Your Opinion

Pop Quiz:


Which one is more suitable for framing?
The ugly one with poor resolution, bad background and white faced Nigel…with Mark in it
Or the sharp photo with golden background, tanned  (now semi-retired) Nigel and D.J. in it?  
(OK, don’t answer that!)
When I saw this photo of Nigel with Trump I couldn’t resist.
Surely you know who Nigel Farage is: Field General of the historic UK Brexit vote, later to become the inspiration for Trump’s revolution.  I met with him at a conference a couple years ago in Chile of all places and we had a good chat.  Little did I know at the time how famous he would become.  But after hearing him speak about the tyranny of the EU and his ideas on liberty and self determination and then talking with him for awhile personally, I told him directly that I would have to ask my hero Ron Paul (whom I also met with at this same conference) to move the pedestal I put him up on, over, to make room for my newly appointed hero, Nigel!  
You should do a YouTube search on him and watch some of his speeches to the EU Parliament and its President Junker.   Nigel rips him a new ‘one’ time and time again and after years of being belittled and laughed at in the EU Parliament for being the lone wolf crybaby who wouldn’t go along with the hegemony of the EU experiment in tyranny and global control, Nigel finally had his day.  After he won the Brexit vote in June last year, he literally told them, “…Well you’re not laughing now are you?!”
His clips are worth watching if you want to see a modern day Paul Revere standing up all alone to the powers that be, and going toe to toe with the Goliath.  And of course in the end…he won a historic victory just as David did!  
Let that be a lesson for all of us.  To have no fear.  Stand up for what’s right no matter how the odds might look. 
Look around the internet.  All you see are stories of how Trump is facing disaster, they’ll crash the economy on him, Obama is setting up a shadow government of Soros funded chaos with Black Lives Matter types nationwide, and many even calling for outright assassination!  It’s an outright civil war already in progress!  It just hasn’t gotten bloody yet.
Trump too is standing up for what’s right, against all odds, risking his very life in doing so.  But don’t worry.  God has a plan for Trump and is using him. All the plans against Trump will fail. You’ll see.  Trump will lead the nations of the world back to common sense and honor, against all odds,  for the glory of God.  Don’t laugh.  Just wait and watch! 
If you’re not already aware, do a search for ‘Trump Prophesies’ in YouTube.  That’ll keep you busy for awhile. 
Let this be a lesson in encouragement and standing up for what’s right against all the odds and letting FAITH get you over fear and through to victory! 
We’re living in historic times.  The sheep are being separated from the goats.  Don’t be in the wrong group! 
Have a great week! 

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