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It’s time to ‘Bug Out’ now!

If you wait much longer, it may very well be too late!

The LLC (Lighthouse Law Club) is focusing more of it’s resources now to help people ‘Bug Out’ of the USA, Europe and similar areas which are threatened by the global cabal.  If you’re not clear on why, or the timing, be sure to watch the video below.  The signs are everywhere and current news headlines are lining up in perfect synchronicity with ancient biblical prophecy as you will see from this video.  We are urgently warning people to re-position their assets, lives, businesses and way of thinking to incorporate a bug out plan and to ‘globalize’ their lives so they have an ‘escape route’ and ‘landing pad’ when things get ugly.  The day is coming.  Don’t fool yourself! 

Be sure to read this page and watch the video that is embedded in it! 

Yes, this is a huge benefit and highly appropriate, if not absolutely imperative for people with money and assets, business etc.  But it is equally important for people of modest means and you don’t need big money to create a landing pad in a peaceful country which has a year around growing season, plentiful water and a large part of the population still living largely off the land.  And if you feel like you need more cash than you have, we have ways to help you with that.  There is no excuse!  Start making a plan.  And consider joining LLC to assist you in the process. 

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