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Levoy Finicum was murdered fighting for freedom. Why the the Law Club is so important.

Why Levoy Finicum was murdered.

Levoy Finicum was murdered because of his refusal to bow down to federal tyranny.  He was becoming an icon for freedom.  You’ve heard bits and pieces of his story.  Watch this compilation of many videos done by Levoy.  It’s long but you can watch one or two clips at a time to fully understand his story, what he stood for and why this is so important. 

The Lighthouse Law Club was formed to help protect and preserve those freedoms that Levoy died for.  And he was prepared to die for them.  That was his commitment to freedom.   The Law Club is here to help people understand how to protect themselves from these attacks on our freedoms.  

Take the time to watch this video and let’s all learn from Levoy.  May God bless all Americans who will stand with Levoy Finicum. 

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