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Lecture on Legal Deception from a British Perspective

It’s an Illusion – a lecture in law by John Harris in the U.K. 

This is a lecture by John Harris about common law, Statutory Law, Admiralty law. Basically the Law Society uses a language against you without you knowing the definitions to and therefor trick you into consenting to contract with them. All conversations are contracts, you have to be carefull what you say when talking to someone in a position of authority as they use a language called legalese. The tricky bastards use the same words as are found in English language, but in their stupid f**king heads decided to give these words different definitions in thier language called legalese. These words only have power over you if you do not know there meaning so i suggest you start to learn their satanic language(Legalese). The language of the law society. 

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