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‘You’ are merchandise in commerce!

Understand the ‘Law of the Land’ and the ‘Law of the Sea’

Everything is done in commerce.  In commerce there is only contract.  The ‘Law of the Sea’ is imposed upon you even though you are upon the land.  This is why the judge can issue summary judgement regardless of the law or the facts and do what he wants.  This is why you have no rights.  All  you have are the privileges you’ve been granted according to the contract you entered into voluntarily (through fraud, duress and lack of informed consent). 

Until you comprehend this, you can scream and complain all you like about the ‘unjust’ legal system.  But the fact is, your failure to comprehend the rules of the game is willful ignorance and you will continue to suffer the consequences unless you learn to play the game correctly. 

This is what the LLC can help you with.  Your freedom, your future depends on it.  Are  you ready?

Watch this video below as a short introduction.  It’s powerful and will blow your mind if this is  your first exposure to the concepts involved. 

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