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Retired and Active Military Vets – Taking Back the Courts!

Rank of Colonel or Higher, Outranks the Judge!  

This is an URGENT BULLETIN being put out to all military vets, active or retired.  We know (or should know) that an evil globalist cabal has taken over the courts and government and our government no longer serves the people.  Without an honest court system to ensure the fair application of the law,  the only thing we have left is unchecked ‘Tyranny’ which is what we have today!

Anyone who has been in court for any reason can attest to that fact.

Substantial research is coming forward which is shedding light on the lawful authority of certain military officers to come into court to ensure that things proceed according to law.  As we watch judges and members of the foreign agents knows as members of the BAR (British Attorneys Registry) run roughshod over the people with impunity, without regard to the law or proper due process, we can easily see the need to check this blatant abuse of trust and authority.

There are currently groups of retired vets who, in concert with the Provost Marshall, have the lawful authority to hold the presiding judge accountable to his or her lawful obligations and are doing just that.  The military officer has the authority to have the judge arrested if necessary, right on the spot.

This video below goes into more detail and we encourage you to watch it and share it far and wide.

We are encouraging all vets and civilians to learn and share and join us in the law club to understand this issue so that we can ‘take it to the street’s and reclaim our country by reclaiming our courts! 

Watch the video, then JOIN US!  

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