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Who Doesn’t Need an Offshore Bank Account?

Heed Our Call, or Forever Hold Your Peace!  

We continue to beat the drum that people need to start positioning their legal and financial assets OUT of the USA.   We don’t have the time or the space to list all the reasons which you should already be well aware of. 

But on that theme, more and more Americans and Canadians every year look to establish at least a ‘part time’ presence in warmer climates where they can easily set up business and banking and are welcomed with open arms to do so!  There’s nothing ‘shady’ about it!  We live in a globalized world.  People travel. Businesses are global.  Retirees expatriate to find friendlier places to live.  Entrepreneurs seek legitimate ways to protect their business assets and reduce costs (taxes included).  Freedom seekers don’t like the trends they see at home and look for stable environments where they can live in freedom and peace without the threats they currently deal with on a daily basis. 

We found a short but interesting article on that very theme. Read More….

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