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Banks & Government Fuse into a single entity

Banks & Government Fuse into a single entity with ‘C.R.S.’ It’s starting to look like a prudent financial manager should consider holding at least a portion of his assets//liquidity outside of the banking system.    OECD Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information – Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is

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Personal Independence Requires Finances

Obamanomics is working!  I don’t need to tell you how successful Obama has been in creating massive economic decline which meets the social agenda’s objective, which is:  TO MAKE THE POPULATION COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON THE CONTROLLERS!  I frequently talk in my workshops about the need to be independent and mobile

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One ‘Hot’ Option – Medellin Colombia

One of my favorite places… I’ve travelled a good part of the world and extensively in Latin America.  Medellin is a gorgeous, well organized and safe city.  On top of that, the US Dollar has gained substantially in the last couple of years against the local Peso which means prices

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Lecture on Legal Deception from a British Perspective

It’s an Illusion – a lecture in law by John Harris in the U.K.  This is a lecture by John Harris about common law, Statutory Law, Admiralty law. Basically the Law Society uses a language against you without you knowing the definitions to and therefor trick you into consenting to

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‘You’ are merchandise in commerce!

Understand the ‘Law of the Land’ and the ‘Law of the Sea’  Everything is done in commerce.  In commerce there is only contract.  The ‘Law of the Sea’ is imposed upon you even though you are upon the land.  This is why the judge can issue summary judgement regardless of

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Enjoying the status of the ‘International PT’!

Why Become an International ‘PT’?  With the risks of ‘being stuck’ in one place increasing every day, you can’t afford NOT to start positioning yourself as an ‘International PT’.  The way the world is going, you need to be able to be ‘nimble’ on your feet as well as in

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It’s time to ‘Bug Out’ now!

If you wait much longer, it may very well be too late! The LLC (Lighthouse Law Club) is focusing more of it’s resources now to help people ‘Bug Out’ of the USA, Europe and similar areas which are threatened by the global cabal.  If you’re not clear on why, or

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Welcome to the Lighthouse Law Club

Warm Greetings!   We’ll be posting important news and updates on our activities, knowledge base and analysis of what’s going on in the world with an eye toward how we might consider reacting to these things and protecting ourselves from any negative effects.   You’ll want to check back often

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