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National Foreclosure Moratorium

It’s time to end the fraud!  American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium Foreign bankruptcy trustees operating unlawfully on American soil have fronted false claims and have been generating invalid mortgages in this country since 1909.   As a result of this venerable, widespread and pernicious fraud found throughout the mortgage industry

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Run Bankers Run!

A Strategic Offensive by ‘The People’ With the release of our latest video presentation ‘Run Bankers Run’ (see below) we are announcing that it is time that the people draw a line in the sand and take up the legal and spiritual means to take on the Money Changers and

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Immigration – What they’re NOT telling you.

Caution: Put on your sunglasses. The light will be going on!    If you follow any news at all you know very well that the globalist elite leaders have been trying their best to destroy western civilization for the past 6 years or more with uncontrolled immigration.  Volumes have been written on

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We are Destined to Break Through the Darkness

PROPHETS, FACING RELENTLESS OPPOSITION AND WALKING THROUGH A DARK NIGHT, I PROPHESY OVER YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! HERE COMES THE SUN!!! by Lana By Lana Vawser  Subscribe to her newsletter   I have seen a very dark night of the soul that many prophets are facing right now. There has

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Property Taxes are Theft from God and Man

Government has declared war against the people Property Taxes are Theft from God and man. In our previous blog post ‘Governments are Not Sovereign’ we discussed how Naboth refused to sell his land to king Ahab because it would violate God’s law and would alienate the inheritance he needs to

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This is the face of evil in our country!

The democrats have openly denied God!  Tuesday night President Trump gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress which was seen and lauded by millions and millions around the world.  You’ve seen the reviews and commentary on it so I won’t rehash the commentary other than to make note

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How to Win Before Going to Court

Got a Court Date Coming Up?  If you want to win in court, the very first thing you must do is to ‘Fire your Attorney’!  Please understand that when you have an ‘attorn’ey you are ‘attorned’ (look it up) and are deemed incompetent before the court. You likely understand (or

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Photo Contest – I Need Your Opinion

Pop Quiz:   Which one is more suitable for framing? The ugly one with poor resolution, bad background and white faced Nigel…with Mark in it?  Or the sharp photo with golden background, tanned  (now semi-retired) Nigel and D.J. in it?   (OK, don’t answer that!) When I saw this photo of Nigel with Trump

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Are you an Idiot?

Perhaps there are fewer ‘Idiots’ than we might hope for !?  This came to me as a true story although I cannot confirm how true it is but did come from someone who gives reliable information. Here it is without any changes. True story: A man went to court. He told the

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Building a Location Independent Business

Become a Digital Nomad in 6 months or less! Send DataSend Data More and more people from around the world are learning how to break free from the enslavement of the corporate/state treadmill.  The term ‘Digital Nomad’ is becoming not only popular but also quite common as it’s obvious to

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You No Longer Have Any Excuse!

Defending Freedom is a Personal Responsibility As Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia after signing the new constitution for the united States of America he was asked, “What have you brought us?”  As you know, he replied, “A republic,  if you can keep it!” Those words are

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Will the Digital Age Crush You? Or Create a New You?

The Digital Age is Changing Your Life.  Will it be for better or worse? This video lays out in no uncertain terms how the digital age is changing our lives.  Hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost due to technology and robotics.   The landscape of the workplace is changing

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