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I’m Not American! How Can I Benefit?

What If I’m from the U.K., France, Germany, Australia or elsewhere?  We get this question all the time which is wonderful because freedom is becoming increasingly important to more people worldwide!   The ‘Brexit’ is the perfect example!  Way to go Brits!  The globalists are out in the open and

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Bye-Bye IRS !

One of the first steps towards freedom, is saying ‘Goodbye’ to the IRS. The path to freedom starts here with this new 4 minute video… Send DataSend Data

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Who Doesn’t Need an Offshore Bank Account?

Heed Our Call, or Forever Hold Your Peace!   We continue to beat the drum that people need to start positioning their legal and financial assets OUT of the USA.   We don’t have the time or the space to list all the reasons which you should already be well

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The Lockdown on Cash in U.S. Banks has Begun

It’s Time to Divest ‘Out’ of the U.S.A. and become an International ‘PT’  “After the massive bailouts required to save the system following the crash of 2008 banks and regulators worked together to ensure that all deposit accounts in the United States are no longer the property of depositors, but rather,

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Changing your legal status

Tired of Getting Beat Up By the System?  There are things you can do.  This is the first portion of a Members Only web conference training session on the practical measures involved in making sure you are never mistaken for a ‘Resident doing business in the STATE OF___’.   The

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The Vision of the Lighthouse Law Club

1 Hour Web Conference – Replay  The vision of the Lighthouse Law Club is unlike anything else in existence today.  It is extremely powerful, energetic, dynamic and member driven.  If you seek; freedom, personal liberty, privacy, security and/or prosperity, don’t let this opportunity pass you up.   This webinar will

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Fighting Fraudulent Foreclosures

The Foreclosure Industry is Rife with Fraud. Don’t be a Victim!  Law Club members are fortunate to have access to some powerful resources in fighting fraudulent bank loans, debt and especially foreclosure proceedings.  We start with a list of ’65 Points of Fraud’ to look for in their documents.  We

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Get Your Finances in Order & Make a Plan!

Millions are in Financial Trouble – We Can Help!  The Mortgage Bankers Association says:   100,000 homes are foreclosed on per month that’s one out of every 200 homes.  1 child in every class is losing their home True unemployment figures, according to John Williams ‘Shadowstats’ is closer to 23%

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Panama Grows in the midst of Global Economic Chaos

Why Panama might be considered as a strong ‘Bug Out’ option! Since the turn of the century Panama has significantly outpaced its latin American neighbors in economic growth and has become a veritable international center for business, finance, tourism and expat relocation.  The natural beauty and bio-diversity of the beaches,

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